Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion World Tour


 Rick Hansen suffered a broken back in an accident when he was 15. It was a tremendous setback for an active young man, but he went to earn great honors as an athlete, wheelchair racing Olympian, and champion of disabled rights.


In 1985, he set off to wheel around the world – traveling more than 40,000 kilometres to raise awareness, public support and finances for spinal cord research, rehabilitation and wheelchair sports. The tour raised more than $26 million. He is now the CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation, an organization that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort to create a world without barriers for people with disabilities.

King of the Road

True Stories of a Legendary Trucker


Between drag racing, cattle rustling, gold prospecting, and many near-death experiences, it's amazing that Alex Debogorski ever found time (or lived long enough) to spend twenty-five years hauling freight over frozen lakes to the most remote outposts in the arctic. In King of the Road, Alex jams his storytelling into overdrive for a memoir that's equal parts action-packed, tender, and hilarious. You'll find out how easy it is to get killed driving a coal truck, how the sound of cracking ice is something you can never get accustomed to hearing, and what it's like being the improbable star of a hit TV show. 


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