I have conducted numerous workshops and writing classes over the years in places like the enchanting, historic  Filberg Lodge on Vancouver Island, the Banff Centre in the Rockies, the Lake of the Woods Museum, and the Thessalon Communtiy Centre on the shore of Lake Huron. 


I also enjoy working with writers individually, and have helped many  apprentice writers find their voice and develop their skills with one-on-one coaching.


Contact me if you are interested in a group workshop or individual writing coach.

Some feedback from participants:

"I attended the weekend workshop presented by Jake MacDonald this past weekend and just wanted to let you know it was one of the best courses I have been on, Jake is very engaging with a wonderful sense of humour, and I feel he gave all of us the tools required to move forward with our writing adventures.

Thank you for bringing this talented individual to our little town of Comox, would definitely attend more workshops in the future with him."

 - Pam Rankel

"I would like to send a comment in regards to Jake MacDonald's workshop "Writing Your Life".

It was excellent, instructive and fun. I learned a lot and it was wonderful to observe Jake creating a story as he build on a thought.

I would like to see him return and offer us more of his know-how. A heartfelt thanks."

 -Ute Wilson 

"All in all, a great weekend, Jake being a fabulous story teller and very adept at teaching the rest of us how to approach the direction of our own writing interests. It's a bonus for us struggling "wanna be" writers to have sage advice right here in the valley"

-Sharon Urdahl

What is your Story?


Your life is unique. No one else in the world has had a life like yours. But people are forever curious about the lives of others. And ever since the first prehistoric people crouched around a fire at night, stories are what weave us together.


The purpose of these workshops is to help people turn their personal experiences into engaging and dramatic stories. And you don't have to be an experienced writer to create an interesting collection of stories. All kinds of people enjoy these workshops - high school students, travel buffs, office workers, retirees who have led interesting lives, grandparents working on the family history, medical professionals, (e.g. the nurse who wants to write about her adventures in northern communities), and many others.


Workshop participants study the elements of fiction and non-fiction writing; e.g.: the lesson called "conjuring up the story," (in which we will explore techniques for determining which stories you subconsciously “need” to write,) creating the setting, the art of description, the use of the five senses in scene building, establishment of character, dialogue, plot construction, and many other techniques. We also discuss new understandings of brain chemistry, and how personal writing can be a blend of memory, belief, and invention.

We also spend considerable time examining the techniques of memoir writing – both the fictional and factual varieties. This naturally leads to an exploration of the similarities and differences between fiction and non-fiction. Participants are encouraged to share their stories with other members of the class, which helps both writer and reader. By listening closely to the stories of others, group participants hone their "editor's ear" and develop a better sense of what works best in a story. 

All Stories Begin with an Idea...

IWhat's your Story?

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