Petra Kaufmann

In the afternoon quiet between thunderstorms

Cat Island, Bahamas

Flora Farm, (R) The best restaurant in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

An old tree, a very old tree. This B.C. cedar was was two centuries old when Shakespeare learned to write.

Cat Island Bahamas
Whiskey jack, Minaki, Ontario

Whiskeyjack on a cool day in late April, Minaki, Ontario. After a long winter he still recognizes old friends

My father, above left, introduced me to fishing, and it caught my attention. Forty years later, I wrote  a novel called "Juliana and the Medicine Fish." A few years after it was published it was made into a movie. Here is the giant rubber muskellunge that was used in the special effects....(below)    

Jake and Petra, and daughter Caitlin on her call to the Bar. Now when she objects to procedure she gets paid for it.. 

Ninety-Two in the Shade

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